Stunning Clarity (sweet_confusion) wrote in preggersparade,
Stunning Clarity


I'm Debi and I am due on April 15th.

We are having a CRAZY time trying to figure out baby names.

We are lucky in the sense that we just had a daughter less than 2 years ago and still have all the baby necessities. Clothes, on the other hand, will be an issue. Even if we have a girl, this baby is a spring baby.........while our daughter is a winter baby.

About the first two kiddos.
The 1st is Matthew......due December 15th but born on December 10th. (8 now)
Rian is the 2nd....... due December 10th but born on November 27th. (almost 2 now)

Now, to see when this one chooses to make it's first appearance!
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