Jess (_pagan_poetry) wrote in preggersparade,

big scare

so i'm really kind of freaking out right now and any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. so, i'm a little over 3 months pregnant now, and the other day my boyfriend and i had sex, because i've come to understand it's alright to still engage in intercourse during pregnancy, but anyways, afterwards i notcied a lot of bleeding, and there weren't any sort of clots of globs of goo or anything and no gut wretching pain in my stomach so i don't think it's a miscarraige and i know some women can still get their period but after a while i stopped bleeding and i tried going to urgent care but they couldn't help because all the appropriate equipment was down for the weekend, and i went to E.R. but they said they couldn't help me if i had a miscarraige and i understand that but i wanted to know IF, first of all, i had a miscarraige, and if not, what the hell was going on w/ my body. she couldn't seem to understand or grasp that and so they offered no assistance either. i still haven't seen an OBGYN and i wanted to start because of the incident but apparently they're all on vacation and the soonest i can see one is in 3 weeks. so, does anyone have any idea what may be going on w/ me, my baby, and my body?? please help );
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