Jess (_pagan_poetry) wrote in preggersparade,

big scare

so i'm really kind of freaking out right now and any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. so, i'm a little over 3 months pregnant now, and the other day my boyfriend and i had sex, because i've come to understand it's alright to still engage in intercourse during pregnancy, but anyways, afterwards i notcied a lot of bleeding, and there weren't any sort of clots of globs of goo or anything and no gut wretching pain in my stomach so i don't think it's a miscarraige and i know some women can still get their period but after a while i stopped bleeding and i tried going to urgent care but they couldn't help because all the appropriate equipment was down for the weekend, and i went to E.R. but they said they couldn't help me if i had a miscarraige and i understand that but i wanted to know IF, first of all, i had a miscarraige, and if not, what the hell was going on w/ my body. she couldn't seem to understand or grasp that and so they offered no assistance either. i still haven't seen an OBGYN and i wanted to start because of the incident but apparently they're all on vacation and the soonest i can see one is in 3 weeks. so, does anyone have any idea what may be going on w/ me, my baby, and my body?? please help );
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A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time since I found out I was pregnant. I'm 8 weeks. After the sex I had some spotting for a few hours later and thought for sure that I'd had a miscarriage. I read up on it and it's quite common. Your cervix is very sensitive right now and your boyfriend may have hit it causing it to bleed.

I was really upset too. But I'm fine now.

Try not to panic. See a doctor when ever you can. Just keep track of any changes. If you're not bleeding anymore than you should be fine. Keep us posted on what happens and don't worry.
it was more then a little spotting, but it died down quickly and there was no pain. it's really comforting to know someone else went through it and is fine. i mean, i don't want you to bleed or feel discomfort or anything, but it's nice to have someone else. thanks. i'll definitely keep you posted. ;D
The best advice I can give you is to make an appointment with an OBGYN as soon as humanly possible and to try to abstain from actual intercourse until then. Bleeding can be something very simple or it can also mean something like placenta previa or miscarriage. Please do not take this to mean that you should freak out. It's just better safe than sorry.
i've made an appointment for the soonest time available. no sex for 3 weeks??...HAHAHA! try telling my boyfriend that. lol. no, but i get you. i should be a lot more cautious. thanks a lot for your reply
If that's how it is, maybe you should ask your boyfriend whether his child's life or his penis is more important.

Sorry, I just don't see any possible reason to compete with the life of a child.

There are other options than intercourse, ya know.
i know, i'm sorry, i've had to fight him off because yeah, he does seem to care more about getting off when he's been drinking.